Fiduciary Review Package

Robinson Wealth Advisors assists with risk management for plan sponsor fiduciaries (known as Investment Stewards). Our service offering assists in managing fiduciary requirements. The package assists with the fiduciary requirements through the effective use of investment committee training, plan guidance, provider due diligence assistance, and secondary electronic document storage.

Fiduciary Guidance

Investment stewards wear many professional hats. And while they may spend the least amount of their working life on retirement plan issues, their fiduciary role for the plan poses a significant amount of risk in the corporate arena. Inundated with primary job functions, finance and human resources executives lament their lack of time and tools to fulfill their fiduciary accountabilities, with a high level of confidence. This uncertainty is the main cause of their concern towards their personal liability as a fiduciary.

To help address this void, Robinson Wealth Advisors offers a fiduciary support program that helps plan management address risks through independent guidance. Robinson Wealth Advisors offers the fiduciary oversight program to its member advisors' plan sponsor clients.

Robinson Wealth Advisors helps clients manage the following fiduciary functions with confidence:

  1. Demonstrate prudence through a document trail;
  2. Understand the key factors around investment management decision making;
  3. Adhere to the committees' investment strategies;
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest;
  5. Monitor service providers according to the new global benchmarks of fiduciary excellence.

Why plan sponsors use our fiduciary support:

Easy to Use

Save time, manage personal risk, and gain access to critical fiduciary tools.

Document Decisions

Managed within a customized fiduciary document solution, investment committees can demonstrate ERISA's prudence requirements through a trail of informed decisions. With a point and click, fiduciaries can evidence their investment rationale and map key decisions to the plan's guiding documents.

Continuity of Conduct

We strive to help ensure a high level of continuity in the event of investment committee turnover. Our fiduciary assistance helps preserve the integrity of past decisions and provides effective succession for future investment fiduciaries.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Our role can help investment committees align internal responsibilities and benchmark the services of operational platform providers.